Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sculptured Gels the "IN" Thing in Gel Nail Technology

Sculptured nail is the way to go in this decade, instead of gluing on tips, we sculpt by using forms as the platform for an extension. You can create a more beautiful structure, c-curve to cater to different type of nails and designs.

Tip Overlay a quick optional service for your salon

Tip overlay can be done using french white tips with a clear gel overlay, or can be created using clear or natural tips and then fill with white gel and overlay with pink/clear gel.

Natural Nail Overlay for the French Manicured look

Natural nail overlay is excellent for clients who has natural long nail, giving added strength and having the nails looking healthy and glossy at all times. It feels light and natural to wear with added strength and the french free edge does not chip and stays shiny for weeks.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Transformation From Technicians to Educators

Akzentz Educator training equips a technician with the relevant skills and confidence to present a class and perform demo quality nails. We provide the platform for growth and motivate individuals to become exceptional educators.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let's get to work...

ACE Training Singapore 2008

The day began with demos, doing different kind of gel nails, glitters, embedment etc, product knowledge, troubleshooting, managing time, and lots of information from Gina's 18 years of experience in the nail industry as a practising nail tech and educator. We progressed through the training with hands on, working with the product and getting our nails evaluated. Education and learning with fellow technicians are always so enriching and motivating.

Rockstar Fade Nails using Akzentz & Nfu.Oh Glitters

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Options 15 New Colors

Nails Makeover with Akzentz Gels

These nails were done by 4 amazing students preparing for their Akzentz Advance (Senior Tech) exam performed on 2 nail biter models. Picture from top left - by Chiew Lee, top right - by Stephy, bottom left - by Evangeline and bottom right - by Vanessa. These nails were created just after one lesson on makeover ! I'm so proud of them

Nails Created using Akzentz Gels

Ecsalonce Conducts Akzentz Gel Course by Japanese Educators

Ecsalonce's Educators Yuka Gale and Kumi Ishikawa conducts Akzentz Gel Courses in native Japanese language.

Akzentz Japanese Class @ Ecsalonce

Akzentz in Vegas

2 Akzentz International Educators became our models for fantasy competition in Las Vegas, thanks to Cheryl Campbell for making this possible for us all. Anna Lajourdie modelled for Patricia (Treasure Island Pirates - Las Vegas shows theme) and Gina Silvestro modelled for me (Cirque du Soleil - Las Vegas shows theme) They were amazing !

Akzentz in Singapore & Malaysia

Akzentz Educator Training 2007 by Anna Lajourdie

Akzentz Bitten Nails Demo by Anna Lajourdie