Friday, November 21, 2008


With more new gels and various brands of soak off gels flooding the market, the competition gets tough and it is only understandable that sellers are promoting their gels as being a better gel. Marketing the strengths and benefits of gels is important but recently we have heard some new selling points have been grossly exaggerated. A customer told me that she encountered some "hard selling" tactic from a supplier of an organic gel in the market that is healthy and more natural for the nails. They told her that they can prove their gels are organic by performing an experiment by lighting the nail, it won't catch fire because it is organic, unlike chemical gels which can be hazardous ???......

Anna Lajourdie (Akzentz International Educator) explains....

I think putting any product on the nails that requires maintenance is an enhancement.

Saying that particular gel (usually, but not only soak off) is any more "natural" then any other gel or L&P is misleading the client.

I might say that many soak off gels might feel more natural (because they can be applied very, very thin and are very flexible) but I would never say or advertise that they are more natural.

Certain companies use these tactics to the extreme trying to convice that their product is better, more natural (it lets the nails breath, etc), organic, don't contain chemicals etc.
Unfortunately that implies that other products are bad for the nails, they are unnatural, they damage (suffocate?) the nails, contains harmful chemicals (after all ALL the products contain chemicals because everything except for light and electricity is a chemical)

Meanwhile.... it's the improper application, careless nail technicians damage the nails, NOT the products.
Ok, we are talking reputable products, not MMA of course.

What I expect from reputable company is FACTS about their products, not good sounding (too good to be true) slogans.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Akzentz Gels after 6.1/2 - 7 weeks

This woman came in on September 23, arrived 20 minutes late which left me 25 minutes to do her fill... I did it that fast, glitter fade and all )

She had to cancel her last appointment 3 weeks ago, wasn't sure if she had anything left but she came in with all intact, no lifts, breaks or chips. EEven she couldn't get over how long they lasted! And she moved, which is why she had to cancel, so she was packing, cleaning, etc..... amazing!

Gina Silvestro -Akzentz Distributor/Educator

I don't need any convincing either Gina! I had 2 women that went 7 weeks! Not to hijack the thread but here's another testament to gel and of course Akzentz to boot!

Teresa - Ontario

Friday, November 7, 2008

Akzentz 15 New Colors !

We are happy to announce 15 “New” Options Colours available to order soon!

Introducing 8 “New” Options Colours in the following shades.
Amethyst Smoke– pearl
CafĂ© Couteur– frost
Chocolat– cream
Merlot– pearl
Peach Whisper– cream
Lavender Cream- pastel
Glacier Blue- pastel
Seafoam Green- pastel

Introducing 7 “New” Options Sparkles and Auroras in the following shades.
Sunlit Snow– sparkles
Golden Twilight– sparkles
Ravishing Red– sparkles
Midnight Dust– sparkles
Aurora Pewter
Aurora Blue
Aurora Purple