Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Akzentz Gel Class Conducted in Japanese at Ecsalonce in Singapore

Our native Japanese educators are certified Akzentz and Ezflow Educators and conducts the courses in Japanese language. Ecsalonce offers 4 classes per week to Japanese nailists.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dry Flowers in Gels

Nails by newbies, Chris and Elva who just started learning gels. Nails are extended using Builder French White, Paint On White Ultra and Natural Pink with dried flowers and crystals.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Many nail technicians are good at what they do, but they lack the imagination or even experience to market their services. Karen Hix is a very talented nailtech based in California,USA and I find her marketing tips very helpful and posted it here for your reference. I'm sure it will open up your mind with some good ideas for your business to prosper ! All the best !

Karen's 18 Karat Marketing Tips

Here's what worked for me: put your clients to work for you! When I first was building my books, I gave away (YES -- FREE) 10 full sets of acrylics (OR GELS) to specifically targeted new clients. I gave them my business card that was a "coupon" for the full new set. These new clients worked at banks, escrow offices, grocery stores, real estate offices, law offices -- places where other people look at their hands, specifically their nails.

They would obviously loved their new nails and wanted to maintain them -- they would have to come back in 2 or 3 weeks for their fill. Bingo! A free full set, became a regular maintenance of income for me. Then in exchange for the free set, I just asked them for their referrals. For my existing clientele, I also asked for referrals, but "paid" them $5 off their next service for each new client they sent me.

This worked very well for me. You can't rely on walk-ins unless your salon is busy and all other techs' books are already full. My appt. books were full in no time using this technique.

While I agree that 30 clients in a year is an attainable goal, it shouldn't be your only goal.

That is a long term goal and needs to be broken down into short term goals. For example you say I want to have 30 clients one year from now.

OK, how are you going to do that?

You could start with these:

I will hand out 5 business cards every day and I will tell those 5 people what I do.

I will talk to every client who comes to the salon today and give them my card.

I will offer every client who comes to the salon today one service at 50% off.

I will offer every new client this week 25% off their next service if they pre book and keep that appointment.

I will start a referral program and offer it to all of my clients at every appointment.

I will send thank you cards to every new client after their first visit and offer them_________( you fill in the blanks)

I will read at least one trade magazine and try one new technique each month.

I will practice my __________(smile lines, efile, c curve, nail art, sculpting, whatever) at least __________minutes per day.

I will attend at least one trade show per year.

I will attend at least 2 continuing education classes per year.

I will visit the message boards daily or weekly and ask questions.

I will network with other nail professionals.

I will take business/marketing classes or attend seminars.

I will ask every client if they would like to book a pedicure with their nail appointment.

If they/I don't have time for a full pedi, I will then offer a toe polish change.

I will recommend cuticle oil to every enhancement client.

I will recommend heel treatments or foot files to every pedi client.

I will offer manis to every pedi client.

My nails and feet will always be impeccably done.

I will dress professionally, make up and hair done every day.

I will always be on time.

I will send a thank you card to every one who sends me a referral whether they are a client or not.

I will ask other business if I can leave cards and or brochures at their front desk.

I will network with the hairstylists/estheticians/ receptionist/other co-workers and ask them for referrals.

If you do all of these things you will have your 30 clients and then some in less than a year.

If you only do some of these things you will still get your 30 clients...it will just take a little longer.

And, you may think oh jeez, I don't want to give a 50% discount that's hardly any money! Well, would you rather have 60% of 50% or 60% of 0?

My reasoning for the big discount is this: it is rare these days to find someone who doesn't already have their nails done. Now, they may be unhappy or looking for a new tech or maybe they want to have their nails done where they have their hair done, BUT there are a bunch of techs in town and unless you already have a reputation as an outstanding tech these people have NO REASON to try you out, especially if you are the same price as other more experienced techs. So, you must give them an incentive to try your services. Once you have them in your chair you can dazzle them with your talent and knowledge. If you are good they'll be back. So, yeah, you may have only charged 1/2 of your regular price, but you have a client in your chair, who, if she is happy will do two things for you: book another appointment and tell her friends about you.

Now that you have this 50% off client in you chair you have the opportunity to ask her about a pedi, recommend some retail, ask for the referral and prebook her next appointment.

Above all else, you MUST be in the salon-every single day! You need to set regular hours and keep them. If you aren't there existing clients don't see you, won't get to know you and won't think of you when they need a mani/pedi/nail repair whatever.

It takes a lot of time, effort and hard work to succeed as a nail tech and this is all stuff they don't tell you in school.

Also, you need to get out of the every 2 week client mindset. With the great products on the market now clients are able to go 3-4 weeks without problems so you need to have more clients that you see less often. The upside is you can charge more for your services when they only come every 3 weeks.

I know this is a lot of information and you probably think you can't do it or it wont work but I'm here to tell you that it took me less than 6 months to be fully booked with a waiting list and having to hire more techs when I opened my first shop. I did all the things I mentioned above and even more-so I know firsthand that these things work and it can be done.

If you stay focused on the short term daily, weekly and monthly goals the year will fly by and you'll think-gee that wasn't so hard!

Nails was also not my first job. I was a Realtor and a property manager. I learned about marketing and sales with that job. I learned that it DOES NOT matter what you do for a living, if you are in sales or customer service you have to be proactive and you have to ASK for the business. Just because you have a license and work in a salon does not automatically entitle you to a clientele. Whether you realize it or not hair and nails IS a SALES job. You are selling services and you are selling yourself. Lets face it, no one needs nail enhancements or hair color. But it is our job to create that need or at least make em want it real bad.

When I could afford it, back in 92, I joined the chamber of commerce and the American Business Women's Association. They were both good investments in my business. Truly, any club you join, business related or not, will expose you to potential clients.

Building a clientele is sort of like losing weight. You have to have a goal and a plan and then you have to work it slow and steady every single day for the best results.

I have done the free thing. The way I did it was buy 2 fills and your full set is free. This way they have already paid for the next 2 appointments. About 50% of those people became regular clients for the salon.

Another promotion that has worked really well for me in the past is buy three get one free-did this for manis, pedis and fills.

I have also done a promo where the client pays for a year of fills and backfills in advance and gets a 20% discount.

I did this for pedis also-that was a great seller. If they wanted to give some of the pedis to friends so much the better because it gave us a new client.

There are so many things you can do to increase your business I could probably write a book!